Managing fleet risk.

Now and down the road.

Penfleet Risk Management programs provide cost-effective solutions for managing fleet risk and limiting your organization's liability. Our programs include driver record checks, point assignment with action plans, driver safety training, and information for easy data management and decision making.

Limiting risk is one of the most important goals involved in successfully managing your company's fleet. At Penfleet we provide an objective method for identifying and managing the various risks that drivers may pose.

Our program includes driver record checks, a point assignment program with an accompanying action plan, and comprehensive driver safety training. An integral part of our service is providing information access for easy data management and decision making. We also incorporate an ongoing driver communications program, to create greater safety awareness among your drivers and remind them of their responsibilities behind the wheel.

Together, these cost-effective solutions help manage your fleet risk and limit your organization's financial exposure.

Key Features:

  • Risk assessment/liability reduction
  • Driver record checks
  • Point assignment programs
  • Driver communications/awareness
  • Safety training

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