Seamless asset management.

All along the way.

Whether it's an open-end lease, a closed-end lease or ownership plan, we provide all the tools required to determine the most appropriate vehicle acquisition method. We account for such variables as vehicle usage, expected service life, company risk profile and corporate culture to develop the best acquisition plan for your organization.

Today, companies are faced with a changing array of fleet acquisition choices. And when it comes to acquiring fleet assets, each organization has a unique set of requirements to consider.

At Penfleet, we help our clients control lifecycle costs by selecting the right vehicles, as well as by maximizing their acquisition and remarketing strategies. Our programs account for such variables as vehicle usage, expected service life, company risk profile and corporate culture.  Together, we can then determine whether an open-end lease, a closed-end lease or fleet ownership is most appropriate for your organization.

We provide a simple, accurate method for ordering your vehicles online. You and your drivers can then review vehicle selections, place orders, insure supervisory authorization and check delivery status.

Key Features:

  • Acquisition consulting
  • Vehicle selection consulting
  • Ordering ease and accuracy
  • Remarketing expertise
  • Employee purchase program

Vehicle Remarketing

Maximize your return on fleet assets.

Managing depreciation is a critical aspect of fleet management. When it's time to turn over your vehicles, Penfleet can coordinate and complete the entire process with maximum efficiency while minimizing your residual risk.

  • Penfleet utilizes a variety of outlets to market your vehicles to insure the highest return
  • We administer all aspects of sales to employees: Inform employees of available vehicles, quote prices, collect deposits, provide required sale documents, and collection of funds from purchaser.
  • We track exceptions for all sales.
  • We sell "At risk" vehicles and disclose damage.

License and Titling

We eliminate the pain from a painstaking process. Penfleet manages all aspects of licensing and title as well as state changes. We handle the entire process including submitting forms and paying fees, which are passed through to you with no additional markup or fee.

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